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H. E. Parmer Company was started in 1889 by Henry Elmer Parmer when he purchased his father’s sheet metal tools for $35.00. He brought them home in a wheelbarrow and went into business for himself. We are one of the 15 Oldest Businesses and the oldest roofing company in the City of Nashville.

The company was first located on Underwood Street near Fisk University, later moving to Deadrick Street, in the heart of downtown Nashville. In 1923, the company expanded again and moved to 801 5th Avenue North where the Bicentennial Mall is now located. We were incorporated in February 1928 just before the onset of the Great Depression. We continued to grow and in 1979 moved to our present location on County Hospital Road to accommodate new expansions of business.

We have specialized in sheet metal work since our inception over 130 years ago as installers and repairers of tin roofs. We later repaired and installed heating equipment and duct work. During the 1950s, we did repair and fabrication of sanitary stainless steel containers.

We focus on high quality roofing with many years of technical experience in the installation and repair of copper, slate, asphalt and shingle roofs.

We are a privately held corporation still owned by members of the Parmer family that started it in 1889. The fourth generation of the same family is currently involved in the business.

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Henry Elmer Parmer, Founder